Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sanibel Weekend

Nancy and I spent a weekend away at Sanibel Island. We left on Friday morning and arrived about 1 PM or so. We stayed in a condo that a pastor friend made available to us and it was wonderful! We spent time walking on the beach, going out to dinner, talking, and checking out the local color. It was overcast on Saturday, but I was able to finish up all my reading for my DMin class which starts tomorrow (yikes!). We worshiped at Sanibel Community Church (not dis-similar to our approach to worship, but more casual). It was great! We got back to Orlando on Sunday afternoon and greeted the boys (who had a great weekend together). This is something I would definitely do again!


Village Idiot said...

Saw you in worship at Sanibel Community Church today. What did you think of the sermon?

Try Thistle Lodge at Casa Ybel Resort for lunch or a nice dinner. It is on the water.

tom said...

It wasn't bad - for a rookie! ;)
Actually, I was pleasantly surprised that Daryl addressed predestination - most just skip over that part. I think I would have landed at a different spot, but I appreciated him broaching the topic.

We lunched at the Sanibel Cafe, and harassed the owners!