Monday, August 4, 2008

Post-Sabbatical Thoughts...

Well, I suppose I should sign-off this "Sabbatical Journal" blog, my Sabbatical having come to a close last week. I really did have a wonderful experience, for which I am so very grateful. As I shared with our church on Sunday my goals were threefold:
  1. Personal Spiritual Renewal
  2. Pastoral Ministry Renewal
  3. Family/Relationship Building
I feel very good about each area, though I did not get through my to-do list on any of them! But here's what I did:

1. Personal Spiritual Renewal:
  • A week of solitude and prayer at Mepkin Abbey
  • Personal soul-feeding through worshiping at other churches
  • Reading books for personal renewal (Eugene Peterson's "The Contemplative Pastor" being one)
2. Pastoral Ministry Renewal
  • Beginning the Doctor of Ministry program at Reformed Theological Seminary with the class "Church Growth and Renewal"
  • Reading 2000+ pages in preparation for the class.
  • Becoming certified in the "Prepare and Enrich" marital strengthening program.
3. Family/Relationship Strengthening
  • Jonathan and I got our open water scuba certification.
  • Nancy and I had a weekend away at Sanibel Island.
  • Our family spent four days in South Carolina with friends for the 4th of July.
  • A vacation with my extended family in NE GA (Flowery Branch, to be specific).
I could (should and probably will) add to the list. It was really a wonderful sabbatical.

My next move is to collate all my impressions, thoughts, and ideas into a coherent plan for ministry, family, and me! Because I have found journaling to be a helpful way to crystallize my thoughts I will be blogging under the heading "Missional Monasticism". I'll be forwarding the web address as soon as it is up and running.

In the meantime check back in a few days, I've got a couple items on which I could use some feedback. Thanks for tracking with me!

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