Friday, June 6, 2008


While I am away we will be recruiting people to help out in various areas. One crucial area is that of leading worship. God has provided some great friends to help us while I am gone.

Our secretary, Jaime Largaespada and her husband Jarrett are worship leaders at our one of our sister churches, Westwood Church. They have agreed to come over a few Sunday's this summer to lead worship for us. You will love meeting them!

I have also made arrangements with Jennifer Styne, who is with "Cross Ministries" to lead worship for us for a few Sundays. Cross Ministries comes alongside churches who are without a pastor for whatever reason and provide anything and everything from music, pulpit supply, children's ministry, etc… You may remember Jennifer as the sweet gal who joined us in worship at our missionary conference meeting at Wendy's. Jennifer will be bringing her whole music team with her.

Thanks so much for all the prayers – I'll be keeping you posted!

Pastor Tom

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What about speakers?