Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Scuba...

Sunday, June 15th, 2008: We headed to Pompano at about 8:30 AM for our ocean dive. Being a Sunday we listened to Ravi Zacharias for "church". The trip was good and we got to the dock on time. We wolfed down some lunch from a cheesy Deli/Bait Shop. We then got our gear and found a spot in the shade on the boat. We had a full boat – 28 in all. We headed out Hillsborough Inlet and then south to the reef. We tied up to one of the many buoys, all in a line across the length of the reef.

When we finally got in the water the visibility was great – the water was warm but not hot – and the reef was teaming with fish of every size and color. We went down to 30 ft. Again, it was a remarkable experience! Weightless and so close to so many fish. Puffer fish, angel fish, coral formations - it was like swimming in a National Geographic special! My favorite part was watching Jonathan having so much fun looking, swimming, breathing underwater! We both came up after 40+ minutes so thrilled with the experience.

We then moved to the wreck of the S.S. Copenhagen, a cargo ship that wrecked in 1900. The visibility was not as good but we got closer to the reef this time, again staying down 40+ minutes. Jonathan even saw a guppy! We came up excited and exhausted.

When we got to the shore we rinsed and stowed our gear and made the trip home. We called GF & PC and Mom. When we got home Stephen shared his story and Jonathan shared ours. It was a great reunion!

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